How to determine the strength and weakness of Pokemons?

There are many things about Pokemon Quest that do not end up in traditional Pokemon games. However, there are also many similarities between Pokemon Quest and the other games in the series. One of the aspects that goes with it is the kind of advantage that some Pokémon have over others.

In this article, we will discuss the advantages of the Pokémon Quest type so that you can gain an advantage by fighting expeditions. It is always better to refer to the Pokemon charts available at before play.

Pokemon Quest Type Advantage

Pokemon Quest introduces the first generation of Pokemon. In these Pokémon, there are a variety of types. Each type has strengths and weaknesses compared to other types. By knowing the strengths and weaknesses, you can determine which Pokémon you should use against other Pokémon to make sure you have an advantage during the battle. Check out the table below for all the advantages and disadvantages of the Pokémon Quest type. If a Pokémon is strong against a certain type, it has a moderate resistance.

Each Pokémon presented in Pokémon GO belongs to one (or, in some cases, two) of a total of 18 categories or, as the game calls it, “types”. All attacks and movements in Pokémon GO also belong to a “type” each. A Pokémon can have one or two types and the type to which a Pokémon belongs determines a certain amount of things about this Pokémon, which type of Pokémon is strong and weak and what kind of movements it has in what place. Pokémon can be found in the real world and how effective Pokémon is in battle.

Each type of Pokémon and Attack is strong against some types, weak against some and neutral with respect to the others. Although the Pokémon type has a lot to do with the place where you can find this particular Pokémon in the real world and the types of attacks it is weak in, these are the types of each of the two Pokémon attacks. (a tap-like attack and a cargo attack)) that ultimately determine the types of Pokémon it is strong against and the type of Pokémon it is weak against.

Like anime games and Pokémon games, Pokémon GO combines the 18 types of Pokémon / Pokémon attacks / moves. These types are: fire, grass, water, ice, rock, earth, flight, psychic, normal, poison, insect, steel, ghost, combat, electric, dark, dragon and fairy.

In Pokémon GO, Pokémon and Attack Pokémon play an extremely important role in gym fights. If one of the types of Pokémon attacks is powerful against the opponent’s type, this attack will be super effective and inflict 20% additional damage to the opposing Pokémon. However, if one of the types of Pokémon attacks is weak compared to the type of Pokémon opponent, this attack will be ineffective and will inflict 20% less damage.

Pokémon types and movement patterns in Pokémon GO are slightly different from those of classic Pokémon games, but the essence is always the same. When fighting in a gym in Pokémon GO, the best strategy is to use a type of Pokémon or to act strongly against the type of Pokémon opponent to increase the damage caused to the Pokémon opponent and use a Pokémon. Pokémon against which type of opponent and / or types of attacks the opponent is weak.

Final words:

This is how one can determine Pokemon Strength and weakness. Hope this article helps.

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