Discord Mic Not Working? Let’s Fix It


There is a problem with the microphone in Discord, in which the user can listen to other members of the channel, but they do not grtthe audio from their microphone. The problem seems to be related to the desktop version of Discord, because many users have reported that their microphones work properly when they use the web application.

More and more players are abandoning Skype and are starting to use Discord as the main communication tool for their gaming needs. In most cases, applications work perfectly with minimal problems. The development team behind Discord usually quickly resolved the reported problems, but this seems to have escaped for several months.

Unfortunately, there is no “work for everyone” solution that allows your Discord application to pick upwith your microphone. It seems that the problem can come from different sources. You may need to try different solutions before finding the right solution for you.

To avoid having to search the Internet for an effective solution to the Micro Discord problem, we decided to produce an organized list that contains only patches that allow users to resume communication with their computers.

Note: Before starting to fix the problem with the Discord microphone with the guides below, make sure the headphones do not work. If you have a spare headset, connect it to your PC and see if it works normally in Discord. Furthermore, you can follow this guide. The Windows 10 microphone does not work to fix common microphone problems in Windows 10.

Different Solutions to Fix the Discord Mic

If you encounter the same problem in Discord with another headset, start following the following methods. One of the solutions below should work to restore the sound of your microphone. Follow the methods in order until you find a solution that’s right for you.

Solution: 1. Check the microphone of the headphones or headphones.

Before you start making any changes to the Discord application. You should know whether the headset or headset is working or not. If you use an external microphone, the problem may be related to the cable.

To test the headset’s microphone, simply connect it to your phone or computer.

Then open the recorder application. (Windows also comes with the Voice Recorder application, use the Windows search feature to find out)

Now all you have to do is record your voice. And then listen. If no background noise is detected. This means that your microphone works perfectly. But if you can hear the background noise. So this could be the reason behind this, “the discord microphone not working”. I suggest you change the microphone or headset you use.

If the microphone is not able to record anything. The 3.5mm audio jack may not working. So, use another device to check out.

Solution: 2. Run a download speed test.

To use the Discord app, you need a good internet connection. Discord will not work without proper data connection A good internet does not mean with the high download speed. You need to have a good uploading speed. In order to transmit the voice, a high uploading speed is required.

How to check the speed of the internet connection?

1. Download the Speedtest by Ookla app (the Chrome extension is also available).

2. Open the application and you will see the “GO” button. But, before starting the speed test. I suggest you choose the fastest and closest server for SpeedTest.

Tap the globe icon, and then tap the start automatically option. (Make sure the GPS is turned on with great precision).

You can now touch the “GO” button to check the speed of uploading and downloading.

The application first checks the download speed and then the uploading speed. So wait.

If the uploading speed is less than 0.1 Mbps. Then, the discord can not correctly transmit the voice. In my case, the upload speed is 1.15 Mbps. That’s because the discord is able to transmit the voice.

And, if the upload speed is very low, it shows between 0.1 and 0.3 Mbps. Then change the Internet connection. Or, if you are using the data connection, try moving. And find the right place where the Internet works properly.

Solution 3: Logout and Restart discord:

Sometimes if nothing works right, you can simply lo out of discord and then login again To do it. Go to Settings Now at the bottom left corner, you can find logout option

On Android: you can delete application data and cache to close the session. Or, you can access the user settings and then tap the logout. (Check the second icon in the upper right corner.)

After logging out, simply close the Discord application in Windows. And then start it after 30 seconds. Now log in using your account details. And, hopefully, this time, the microphone can transmit his voice.

Solution: 4. Run Discord as an administrator.

As the discord uses the UDP protocol to transmit the voice. And, if discord does not have administrator privileges to send packets. Therefore, the problem occurs because “the discord microphone working”. This solution has been recommended by discord customer service.

Close, dicord application totally from your computer. Now, right-click on the Discord application shortcut and select the “Run as administrator” option.

Alternative method: If you do not want to use this option every time. Then right click on the Discord application shortcut, go to Properties. Click on to the compatibility tab. And then check the “Run this program as administrator” check box. Then click Apply, then OK.

 So this is how you can solve the “mic not working Problem” in Discord. Hope this helps all of you guys.

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